Basic Science
Scheme of work for JSS1 Third Term

1. Topic; Energy

Content; 1, meaning of energy, 2 sources of energy, 3. Forms of energy, 4. Transformation of energy, 5. Uses of energy.

2. Topic; Renewable and Non- Renewable Energy
Content; 1 Meaning of Renewable and Non- Renewable Energy, 2. Examples of Renewable and Non- Renewable Energy, 3. Uses and Misuses of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy, 4. Energy and Society

3. Topic; Forces
Content: 1. Meaning of Force, 2. Types of Force, 3. Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, 4. Friction: Advantages and Disadvantages.

4. Topic; Gravitation and Weightlessness
Content; 1. Meaning of Gravitation and Weightlessness, 2. The Earth in Space, 3. Space Travel, 4. Satellite



Basic Science JSS1
Third term unit 1
Topic; Energy

Energy is define as ability to do work. The unit of energy is Joule (J). Any thing is that is capable of doing work has energy.
Sources Of Energy;
These are sun, food, water, wind, coal, atomic reactors, crude oil products example kerosene, fuel, diesel, gas etc.
A. Food- Green plants manufacture their food by the process of photosynthesis, animals eat these food and obtain energy.
B. Sun- This is the primary source of energy. It supplies heat and light to the earth
C. Wood- As wood burn the chemical energy in it changes to heat that is used for cooking
D. Water- a fast moving river flowing through a turbine to generate mechanical energy, which changes to electrical energy, so a hydroelectric dam generates electricity through water.

Assignment; Explain briefly the following sources of energy; I. Wind, ii. Coal, iii. Crude oil products

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