Basic Science
Scheme of Work for JSS2 Third Term

1. Topic; Kinetic Energy
Content; a. Kinetic theory assumptions, b. Phenomena of Kinetic theory, c. Evaporation, d. Boiling, e. Factors affecting evaporation
2. Topic; Heat Energy
Content; a. Heat flow, b. Methods of heat transfer, i. Conduction, ii. Convection, iii. Radiation
3. Topic; Crude Oil
Content; a. Meaning of crude oil, b. Refining crude oil, c. Uses of crude oil
4. Topic; Petrochemicals
Content; a. Meaning of petrochemicals, b. Uses of petrochemicals



Basic Science JSS2
Third Term Unit 1
Topic; Kinetic Energy

Matter is anything that has mass and occupy space. It exists in three states, namely; soid, liquid and gas.
The idea of kinetic theory is that matter is made up of tiny particles that possess kinetic energy, the particles hit the walls on their containers and exert pressures on their containers, so kinetic energy exist in moving particles.
Statements on the kinetic theory of matter;
1. All matters are made up of atoms and molecules.
2. These particles are in constant motion
3. The particles possess kinetic energy.
4. The particles exert positive forces on one another.
5. The near the particles are to each other the greater the attractive force.


1. Briefly explain kinetic energy
2. Give the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

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