Literature in English for Jss2
Prose text Analysis
Content/ Plot
Ezeofia by Linda Okpara

🔸Ignorance/ Lack of Civilization
🔸Family Bond against person interest
🔸Humility/ positive obstinacy
🔸Forgiveness/ Reconciliation.

Deception; Mazi Ezeofia and Madam Nzekwe, late Mazi Nzekwe’s widow are in a relationship. This started while her husband was alife, they agreed to kill their spouses and get married, Mazi Ezeofia gave Nzekwe’s widow the poison she used to kill her husband while she waited for him to fulfill his part of the bargain which he never did. He continued to play games with her each time she makes reference to that agreement. At this time, the people gave him mandate to discontinue the relationship and take the title or continue the relationship and forget the title. He must act fast to retain his prestige and integrity.
Again he allowed ancestral belief to come between him and his family, tore them apart , he was almost a mad man before the spirit of God arrested him, brought him back to his senses and led him back to his family.
🔹 Forgiveness And Reconciliation; Mazi Ezeofia at the peak of his problen forbids Hus wife and children from coming to the house, he almost killed those that came to plead on their behalf, disassociated himself from anybody that would mention their names even his close friend had his due share but when e experienced the power of God, he went to his in-laws and brought back his family. His wife and children forgave him and went back with him. The Prince declared his stand on his peoples traditional belief, let go of his father’s grip and changed the awkward life style of his people and replaced it with civilised ideas that the people came to accept, he drew his strength from the courage of Ogbonne who is regarded as a law breaker but he fell in love with her and saved her from the punishment she would have faced considering the peoples tradition.

Assignment: Explain the content;

🔹Humility/ Positive Obstinacy
🔹Identify and Explain four Themes with examples from the text.

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