Sub-topic– words associated with religion.

                                               Meaning of religion

Religion is a set of beliefs,  feelings,  dogma and practices that define the relationship between human being and sacred or divinity. A given religion is defined by specific elements of a community of believers.

                                                       TYPES OF RELIGION

There are three (3) main types of religion in Africa and they are traditional religion,  christian religion and Islamic religion.

TRADITIONAL RELIGION – This is also called African religion. It is the worship of the supreme being called God in addition to the worship of god’s and goddesses. Generally,  this tradition are odd rather than scriptural. It includes believes in a supreme creator, belief in spirit, veneration of the dead, use of magic and traditional medicine. The worshippers are people who are neither Christians or Muslims. They are not ateistes, since they believe there is a supreme being. Followers of Traditional African Religion pray to various spirits as well as to their ancestors. They worship dieties who they believe are intermediaries between them and God. The Yoruba’s worship ogun-god of iron etc. The igbos worship amadioha-God of thunder etc.  The Hausa’s and Fulani’s worship Bori-the devil owner etc.  The traditional religious groups worship their god and goddesses in shrine.


god’s, goddess, myth, sango, oracle, diety, spirit, worship, worshippers, priest, image, devotee, sacrificial animal, sacrificial objects, charm, divination, amulet, altar, etc.

              Meaning of words

* Oracle – a holy place where a god was believed to give answers to questions. 

* Devotee – the followers of a particular religion or god

* Dirty – a god it goddess of the creator and supreme being

* Dogma – a belief or set of beliefs held by a group or organization, which others are expected to accept without argument.

* Divination – the act of finding out and saying what will happen in the future.


CHRISTIAN RELIGION – This is a religion based on the life (person,teaching and miracles of Jesus Christ of Nazareth or it’s beliefs and practices). The Christians worship in the church and they believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is the author and finisher of all faith. The followers of Jesus are called Christians.  Their pastors stand in the pulpit to preach to the congregation. The Christians use a holy book called BIBLE.


Pope, Arch Bishop, Priest, Pulpit, Church, Altar, Aisle, Holy Bible, Pews, Holy communion, Prayer, etc.

Meaning of words

* Pulpit – this is a small raised platform in a church with a rail or banner around it.

* Pews – these are long wooden sits for people in the church.

* Pope – this is the head of Roman Catholic Church.

* Arch Bishop – this is a bishop incharge of all the bishops and Priests in a region.


Islamic religion –  This is also called Mohammedialism. It is the religion formed by Prophet Muhammad. It first came from Arabia to North Africa,  and then,  spread the down words to Nigeria. The followers of Prophet Muhammad are called Muslim’s.  Usman Dan Fodio was the greatest Muslim leader, who helped to spread Islam in Nigeria.

The Muslim worship in mosque. Koran is their holy book.  Muslim’s pray five times a day. They face the east while praying.  They believe in one supreme being called God ( Allah). In which Muhammad is his Prophet. Their festivals are Id el Fitr, Id el Kabir, and Id el Maulu.



Islam, Holy, Prophet, Allah, Muslim’s, Mosque, Holy Koran,  Pilgrimage, Muhammad, etc.

Meaning of words

* Holy – good, pure, following the rules of religion.

* Muslim – a group of people whose religion is Islam.

* Muhammad – the Prophet who founded Islam.

* Allah – the name of God among Muslim’s.

* Prophet – a person sent by God to teach the people and give them messages from God.



In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words against each number below each passage, four options are offered in columns lettered A-D, fill each number with the most appropriate answer from the options.

               The Pastor walked briskly down the _____ 1 _____ to the _____ 2 _____and greeted the _____3_____ warmly. He started with a short prayer after which,  he read a passage from _____4_____. His _____5_____ was inspirational and quite a number of people responded to his call for _____6_____. A/An _____7_____ took the new _____8_____ into a room where a/an _____9_____ told them what is expected of them as followers of Christ called _____10______.

S/N              A       B        C       D
1 Corridor Aisle Alley Passage
2 Altar Podium Stage Pulpit
3 Congregation Spectators Viewers Christians
4 Book Script Bible Manuscript
5 Sermon Speech Talk Rhetorics
6 Dedication Ordination Confession Repentance
7 Warder Usher Orderly Prefect
8 People Devotees Converts Inmates
9 Assistant Clerk Evangelist Coach
10 Christians Believers Adherents Religious


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