Basic Technology  Jss1

SETTING AND MARKING OUT TOOLS;Setting and marking out tools  include the try square, mitresquare, compass,sliding bevel ,and marking guage. The marking tools are used for putting a design onto a piece of wood before cutting or shaping it.

a,The try square; It is used for checking the squareness of edges and also marking out straight lines that formed right angle.

b,sliding bevel;It is used for mark out lines that cross at an angle and for setting out bevel.

c,mitre square; It is used for making out and checking angles of 450 and 1350 .

d,compass; It is used for marking arc and scribing  circles.

e,Trammel;It is used for marking out large diameter where compass can not be used .

f,marking guage;It is used for marking off length by the action of its nail or pin.

Activity; Identication of setting and marking out tools

1, Visit any workshop nearest to you , examine the setting and marking out tools mentioned above.

2,Draw and label them in your note

3,Show your drawing via whatsapp; 08069373792

4,Use a piece of wood and test the squareness

5,Mark out two parallel lines on it

6,What tools did you use for 4 and 5 in the above activity




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