Literature In English for JSS 1

Prose Text Analysis


The Saint by Tade Adegbindin

      The Characters

🔸Baba Agba

🔸 Ladepo




🔸 Timi

🔸 Alamutu



🔹 BABA AGBA; He is a renowned Ifa Priest who had no odd records against his name though some unfounded rumor has it that Ladepo’s power came from him. He was referred to as the solution by his clients, this is because he proffered solution to all the problems they visit him with. He had clients who came from far and near for consultation. He  wanted his son to forget Christianity and join him in traditional worship (as Ifa Priest)

🔹 Ladepo; He is the first son of Baba Agba, a teacher who could not pay his bills, he sent his only son to the village to be with his parents because he feared the little boy would be malnourished. He was not a good father to his only child whom he disagreed with on everything.

🔹 AREMU; He is the only child of Ladepo, he spent his early days in the village with his grand parents thus became used to them, he desired to toll the path of his grand father who was an Ifa Priest but his father wanted otherwise, they fought to a stand still to the extent he was disowned by is father as a means to call him back but the plan failed. He discovered the source of his father’s wealth and power in his quest to solve his infertility problem, he also discovered that his father caused his problem.

🔹 ALAMUTU; He is an Ifa Priest could not recite the Ifa prayers, promise etc

He went against the rules of Ifa practice by charging his clients exorbitantly before giving them attention, he placed prices on all his services and you must pay before he opens your file. Aremu was able to discover and expose him as fake.

🔹 MOPE; she is  Ladepo’s wife, she was submissive to her husband, agreed to everything he said without doubt, she did everything possible to keep her home and make her  happy. All her life revolved around her husband without a thought of her own. She could be said to be a   bad mother to her son whom she never knew and never paid a motherly attention, she never cared because we wanted to please her husband and when she spoke out, it was too late.


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🔹 Discuss these characters:

  1. Adetuon ii. Timi. iii. Baba Fawolu  iv.

🔹Compare the roles of Baba Agba  and Alamutu

🔹 With close reference to the text, differentiate between Aremu, Baba Agba and Ladepo


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