Literature In English for JSS 2

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Topic ; Characterization

Ezeofia by Linda Okpara

         The  Characters

🔹Ezeofia Udenze

🔹Urediya Udenze

🔹Ogbonne Udenze

🔹Okey Udenze

🔹 Igwe Nkemakolam



🔹Mazi Nkwo

🔹Mazi  Uwakwe

🔹 Madam Nzekwe




🔸 Mazi Ezeofia;  He is a prominent man in the community, some call him philanthropist while some call him ‘the peoples savior “. In all he is a kind man. He was a civil servant, who positively affected the lifes of his people but he had deception, greed, selfishness in him, he could be insensitive sometimes yet he has a heart of gold.

🔸 Urediya Udenze; she is the wife of Mazi Ezeofia, we could be described as a typical African wife who knows perfectly how to remain faithful to husband and children in order to keep her home. Submission to  husband  and impacting  moral values to her children are her primary goals. She left for her Father’s house  when their lifes were in great danger living with her husband but  when he regained his sanity and came for them she did not hesitate to pack her things and return  to her home

🔸 Ogbonne;  She is Mazi’s first daughter, she was sent to Lagos to be married to Uche who turned out to be completely different from what she wants in a man. She refused to be let her father push her out of the Christian faith she was making effort to build and improve. She challenged the king and tried to make him know that tradition is a bondage on the people and need to be abolished. Her courage made her to win the heart of the Prince who proposed to marry her

🔸 Okey  Udenze; He is the son of Mazi Ezeofia, he was expelled from their state university because of his involvement in occult activities, his father  again help him to secure admission abroad where he would study Medicine but decided to stay back at home and pursue his Christian faith. This act of disgrace, disappointment, embarrassment  led to so many things that went wrong in the family.

🔸 Igwe Nkemakolam;  He is the king, he is loved and respected by his people whom he put in his very best to protect. He up holds the tradition of his people yet tries to accommodate everybody.  We may have to say here that he is not strong will considering how he threw caution to the wind and accepted Mazi Ezeofia to bear the Nze  na ozo title as an industrious son of the soil.

🔸  Mazi Nkwo; He is one of the king’s cabinet members, he is Mazi Ezeofia’s friend, he recommended Ezeofia for the annual award, guarded him to ensure he meets with the king’s demand. When the problem in his family came up, he advised him to put his family in order, he made the necessary arrangements and  accompanied him to get his family back


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🔹Discuss the roles of these characters:I. Mazi  Uwakwe  ii. Madam Nzekwe  iii. Akudiya  iv. Ikemba  v. Uremma  vi. Ojiugo.

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