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  1. Fast and cheap
  2. Ideal way to reach persons who are difficult to get on the phone
  3. Because it is written, you can compose and review your message before sending.
  4. Ideal for international communications
  5. Convenient and non – intrusive
  6. You can check your email from check your email from any computer in the world.
  7. You can easily include all or part of previous messages, or the message you are responding to.
  8. Ability to send same message to predefined group of people.
  9. Message easily archivable and storable in a database
  10. Ability to paste from other applications directly into email document.
  11. Emails are easy to use. You can organize your daily correspondence, send and receive electronic messages and save them on computer.
  12. The language used in emails is simple and informal
  13. When you reply to an emails you can attach the original message so y when you answer the recipient knows what’s you are talking about.
  14. It is possible to send automated emails with a certain text.
  15. Emails do not use paper.
  16. Emails can also have pictures in them
  17. Products can be advertised with emails.



  1. You don’t always know when/ if your message has been read.
  2. Privacy issue:

* Interception: By company, hospital, University administration, or by unauthorized snoops on the web.(email can be encrypted)

*. Difficult to delete: Emails are stored in a variety of places on computer disks. Difficult to completely erase and destroy.

*. Masquerade: someone can masquerade as you; send emails in your name. No unique signature.

* Forwarding function: A recipient can re-email a sender’s message to a large number of people.

  1. Emails may carry viruses. These are small programs that harm your computer system.
  2. Many people send unwanted emails to others. These are called spam mail.
  3. Emails cannot really be used for official business documents. They may be lost and you cannot sign them.
  4. Your mail box may get flooded with emails after a certain time so you have to empty it from time to time.



Be informed that the video on how to create an email account is already forwarded in the school website. Check it up.



 Create an email address using a name of your choice and send a message to me using amakaemeka320@yahoo.com.


Download Document Here  SS 2 COMPUTER

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