SUBJECT: Biology


TOPIC: Autotrophy And Heterotrophy



What Is Autotrophy

It is the mode of nutrition in which organisms manufacture their own food. Such organisms are called Autotrophs egs, green plants, and some chemosynthetic bacteria. Autotrophs are also called producers.

Classification of Autotrophs

  1. Aquatic autotrophs.
  2. Terrestrial Autotrophs.

Aquatic Autotrophs are spirogyra, water lettus, water Lily, water Hyacinth Euglena, and chlamydomonas.

Terrestrial Autotrophs include grasses,trees,shrubs,herbs etc.



What Is Heterotrophy

It is the mode of nutrition in which organisms cannot manufacture their own food but depend on other organisms for food. These organisms that cannot manufacture their own food are called heterotrophs. Heterotrophs include animals and  some insectivorous plants. Heterotrophs are also called consumers.    


Types Of Consumers

  1. Primary Consumers: They are animals that feed directly on plants, egs, herbivores such as sheep, goat, cattle, rabbit, etc.
  2. Secondary Consumers: They are carnivores that feed on primary consumers.
  3. Tertiary Consumers: They are carnivores that feed on secondary consumers.


They are organisms that feed on dead organisms and wastes of living organisms. They are responsible for decay of dead organic matter and therefore are responsible for recycling of materials, egs, bacteria, fungi, termites etc.


Mention five consumers in (a) Terrestrial ecosystem. (b) aquatic ecosystem.

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