SUBJECT: Biology


TOPIC: Life Cycle/Life History Of Crop Pests        

Life Cycle/History Of Cassava Mealy bug

The female insect lays eggs without fertilization and this is known as parthenogenesis. The unfertilized eggs hatch into larvae, which are carried by the wind or with the cassava stem cutting during planting because they hide in the buds of the stems. The larvae undergo three larval moulting stage before the adult stage.  This is completed in aboutg

 22 days. Adults have life span of 145 days, after 145 days they die.


Life Cycle/History Of Yam Beetle


The male and the female yam beetles mate between November and December in riverine areas Aftet mating, fertilized eggs are laid. Between December and February, eggs hatch into larvae that feed on decaying organic substances. The larvae moult thrice before developing into pupae. In March, the pupae develop into adults after moulting. The adults then fly to areas where yams are planted between April and June. They dig into the soil to search for yam tubers to feed on them and they seriously damage the tubers. Between October and November, the adult yam beetles undergo breeding migration to riverine areas again for mating.


  1. Draw the Life cycle of yam beetles.
  2. What do you understand by moulting.

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