Literature In English for JSS1

Drama Text Analysis

Theme Analysis

The Saint by Tade Adegbindin

The Themes

🔸 Honesty



🔸Quest For Affluence



 🔹 Theme of Honesty : baba Agba and Aremu fall  in this category.

Baba Agba remained honest  in his practice he was faithful to his clients and all who came in contact with him till his death.

     Aremu preferred the traditional practice and life style to the  dismay of his father who wanted him to join in the vineyard.

    He made clear his stand from the onset and never gave any body the opportunity to live his life for him.

    He chose to be disowned by his father instead of letting go of his desires.  When he returned to Nigeria, he gave up his father’s empire because he wanted to pursue his dreams not his father’s will.

🔹  Poverty:  Ladepo and his wife, Mope were teachers, they could not foot their bills, taking care of their immediate needs was a bigger problem because their. meager pay was not prompt.

  They lived in small and cheap apartment yet could not afford the rent.

 Their cloths and shoes were worn out yet still-in use because they had no money to replace them

         Aremu was sent to live with his grand parents in the village because they could nether feed him nor send him to school. Considering all of these, Ladepo decided to take his fate in his hands.

🔹Deception: Ladepo suffered with his wife till the day he went to pick Aremu from the village, he had an all night discussion with his father, returned to Ibadan, resigned from teaching, started his church, performed miracles, he became rich over night but never told anyone  even his wife the secret of his sudden boom. 

He hated injustice, he was charitable, he went out of his way to convert souls for God, he disowned his only child because he disobeyed him and went ahead to study philosophy, he refused to bury his father who died a traditionalist and promised to do same to his mother if she failed to convert to Christianity. Little did the people know that their “Saint ” was a  killer, a ritualist until Aremu caught him in the act and he drowned himself to deceive the people more.


 Analyse these themes:

  1. Quest For Affluence
  2. Nemesis

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