Literature In English for JSS2

Prose Text Analysis

Topic; Thematic Review

Study Material; Ezeofia  by Linda Okpara


🔸 Immorality


🔸Pain/ suffering

🔸Change – positive and negative


 🔹 Theme of Immorality/ Favoritism: The people have their standard of nomination  for the Ekwetekwe award receivers. Mazi Nkwo nominated Mazi Ezeofia for their personal gains, the fact that one way or the other, they have benefited  in his supposed generosity never gave them the  moral right to criticise the nomination even the king became tongue-tied when Mazi Uwakwe spoke out the much he did was to propose an invitation to make his weaknesses known to him.

      This is a man that is known for his adulterous relationship with Madam Nzekwe. He went as far as building a house for them, training her children and a lot more, the relationship was in no way a secret but this is not the class of person the people of Amasaa need to hold the title Nze na Ozo” but he must not let go the privilege, he must take it and defend it.

🔹 Selfishness:  Madam Nzekwe and Mazi Ezeofia share this trait, they claimed to be in love, planned to kill their spouses Mazi Ezeofia provided the poison that was used to kill Mazi Nzekwe as soon as the agreement was made but he refused to kill his wife on the pretence that he was scared of what the people will say.

   Further more the people decided to honor him but he must first discontinue the relationship but the woman threatened to expose him if he do not kill his wife and present her as Lolo and that day. To merit that title Mazi Ezeofia almost tore his family apart to maintain his said dignity.

🔹 Change: we will analyse this theme  from two points

  1. Refusal to change and
  2. Willingness to embrace changes
  3. The people of Amasaa were tied to their age long tradition, they failed to see need for improvements, amendments and corrections. They fight anybody that introduces anything new to their society thus their development, exposure were stagnated. Mazi Ezeofia is no exemption here despite his level of exposure, he stooped to the level of kinsmen even against his family, he wanted to prove his worth and maintain the sanity he lost in everyday of that fight without knowing it.
  4. Willingness to change this attribute was displayed by Ikemba, the Prince. When met Ogbonne in the palace guardroom, he made up his mind to free his people from the bondage of primitive and lead them to the exposed world, he made sure that Ogbonne was not punished by the law then he declared his interest to marry her to the dismay of his parents especially his father, the King.


❌  Identity and explain three more themes from the text

❌.  Identify the major place of action in the text

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