Lesson 4

English Language

Class :ss2

Topic:Letter Writing

Formal Letter:

      A letter is a written message from one party to another containing information. Letters promote the preservation of communication between both parties; letters may bring friends or relatives closer together, enrich professional relationships and provide a means of self -expression. Letters contribute to the protection and conservation of literacy. It is a universal means of written communication that involves two people at separate distance, expressing their thoughts and intentions. Since our relationship with people are different and varied, the way we talk to them will be different as well. For example, the way you discuss and address your close friend will be different from the way you discuss and address your principal or the chairman of your local government area. This brings us to our main topic the formal letter.

    The formal letter is an official letter written to people we do not know very well or have personal relationship with. It is written to offices, because of this, its language must be formal and straight to the point. No pleasantry is involved in this kind of letter.The format for writing a formal letter is as follows: 1-the writer’s address at the top right hand side of your writing sheet with date, 2-the address of the receiver at the left hand side of your writing sheet below the writer’s address, 3-the salutation, 4-the title of your letter, 5-the body of your letter which should house the introduction, your main reasons for writing, your conclusion all in paragraphs then your closing remark which should be properly written.


 For samples consult your English Language textbook page 60-62



 The electricity supply in your school has been irregular. As the senior prefect, write a letter to the Chairman of the Parent -Teacher Association (PTA) telling him about the effect of this on the school and the need to provide a stand-by generator for the school.

Submit at the school security post next week


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