Literature In English For Jss3

    Poetic Analysis

              The Poem

Title;     The New Africa By Chigbo Ugwuoke

My eyes opened:

I saw “a new Africa”

No longer corrupt

I saw a new generation of African youths

Coming hack like swans from their lànd of exile,

Prepared like brides for their grooms, waiting to be handed in

 A loud feminine voice, the voice of mother earth

Jingling down like some golden coins flowing  down from the high heavens sounded

” I am Mama Africa. At last, I hàve made everything new!

Light has come to stay; the children of darkness have fled to be seen no more

  There will be no more terror or mourning or crying or pain or poverty and penury”

I saw “a new Africa…….” The was no longer any corruption. I saw a new Africa……!!!


           Meaning Of The Poem

The poem is prophetic, the poet sees in a time to come when corruption, terrorism, tribalism, kidnapping, endless killings and other vices would come to an end.

The poet sees a new generation of Africa without corruption, with a different generation/ types of youths that troop in without restrictions, ready to make effective changes.

       The bad government in the country has forced these youths that ought to be the country’s work force to various places in search of better life with the turn out of events, they are hastily returning home to make better their devastated country.

        Mother earth as was described in the poem but this is the voice of nature declared to the poet that it is time for transformation in Africa and pointed out to have made all things in Africa new. Light has come to stay meaning that development has become indelible in the society while the children of darkness, the perpetrators of evil, those who destroyed the society hàve taken to their heels and would never return again.

With the departure of these set ( the bad eggs) the country would be free from terrorism, mourning, pain, poverty, dejection, suffering and anything that does not give joy and comfort. The persona in conclusion reemphasized that in the new Africa, she did not see corruption meaning the people will live in peace, unity trusting each other without fear.


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