SPORTS AGENCIES              

A sports agency is an establishment engaged for doing

sports business for the government.Sports has become big and

profitable to both the government and private individuals

who may be  in sports business.

Reasons for Sports Agency

1.Sports has become a tool for societal development through

the provision of facilities that attract people.

2.Sports is a tool for maintaining peace in the society.

3.Sports is a source of foreign exchange and profitable venture.

functions of sports agency

a.It is used to control the activities during any sports event.

b.It is engaged with research activities.

c.It is involved with the provision and development of sports

structures and facilities.

d.It serves as a tool for measuring level of progress.

e.It is used as a business and management tool.

f.It is often used to ensure continuity in talent discovery

and development.


NSC-National Sports Commission

NSI-Nigerian Sports Institute

AAFN-Amateur Athletic Federation of Nigeria

NSSF-Nigerian Secondary School Sports Federation

NRC-Nigerian Referees Council

NNF-Nigerian Football Federation

NAVF-National Amateur Volleyball Federation

NABBC-Nigerian Amateur Boxing Board of Control

NABF-Nigerian Amateur Badminton Federation

NABBF-Nigerian Amateur Basketball Federation

NCAS-National Court of Arbitration for Sports

NCF-Nigerian Cycling Federation

NAWF-Nigerian Amateur Wrestling Federation

HFN-Handball Federation of Nigeria

NHF-Nigerian Hockey Federation

NSWF-Nigerian Swimming Federation



1.Define a sports agency

2.State 4 functions of a sports agency

3.List and explain 6 sports agency you know

Submit before Monday 8/6/20 either by

WhatsApp line 09061369413 or a handwritten copy

at the security post of the school.




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