Class: SS 2

Subject: Computer/ Data Processing

Topic: Web Design

Objective of the study

  1. Definition of Web Design
  2. Uses of Web Design
  3. Components of Web Design
  4. Web Design Applications


What is Web Design? Web design is the process of creating websites using a mark-up language.

Web Design packages are the group of software that are used to design the website.

Website is a collection of related web pages connected to one another by hyperlinks and are available on the internet via a uniform resource locator (URL) or domain name.

Uses of Web Design packages

  1. They are used for web graphics design
  2. They are used for interface design
  3. They are used for authoring including standardized code and proprietary software
  4. They are used for users experience design
  5. Search engine optimization


Components of Web Design Packages

  2. Standard, normal or design view which is retarded as the default.
  3. Code View: This allows you to view and work directly with the HTML code.
  4. Split View: This is where both of the above views are displayed simultaneously in separate windows.
  5. Creating Headings and sub heading
  6. Inserting links; Most web authoring software tools additionally provide a button or icon that allows you to quickly insert a link.


Examples of Web Design Packages

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver
  2. Google web designers
  3. Microsoft SharePoint designer
  4. Net Objects fusion
  5. Xara Web designers
  6. Coffee Cup visual site designer


Free  Websites that enables you to create your own Website

  2. www.Weebly. Com


1.What is the difference between website and web page

  1. List 5 examples of Web Design Packages.
  2. What is Web Design?

Browse on any of the free Websites above and print the home page (ie) the first page. Attach and submit at the school gate.


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