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Literature In English

Play Analysis

Review of Setting

“The Saint”  by Tade Adegbindin

One of the major factors that guard the life and activities of a man is the conscious knowledge of whom he is and where he is coming from.


Alabata,   Ibadan,    London,     Ife,        Ilesha,   Irefin.


  1. Alabata—- This is Ladepo’s home town, Baba Agbe lived and worked here as an Ifa Priest. People came from different cities for consultation and solution.

Aremu wished to spend the rest of his life here worshipping olodumare.

  1. Ibadan—— Ladepo lived here with his family first as a teacher, later as a pastor, he built his empire, desired to establish his name in the town that’s the reason he wanted his son learn from him while he is a life.

Most of the activities in the play took place in this city even the stranger, the victim Ladepo wanted to sacrifice that night lives and works here she only goes at weekends to visit her family.

III.    London—– This is out side Nigeria, when Aremu was discovered to have fallen in love with Fabunmi, the daughter of a renowned herbalist, to save his name, Ladepo quickly flew him abroad to study.

Rev. Ferguson lives and works here, he was Ladepo’s friend and Aremu’s guardian who quickly withdrew his provisions when he left the seminary to study Philosophy, Occult Practices and Divination.

Aremu met Adetoun in London and married her.

  1. Ife——– This is where Ladepo attends his monthly Ministers conference alone.

Baba Agba lives and operates here.

Aremu and Jimi came here for solution, met his father as a ritualist, heard unbelievable things and got their liberation.

Ladepo died here by drowning himself in the dam to conceal his true identity.

  1. Irefin Village——- This is Jimi and Baba Fawolu’s village, they were born and brought up here before Jimi travelled to London to further his Education where he met Aremu.
  2. Ilesha——– The woman Ladepo gave lift the last night he attended his ” ministers conference ” she was referred to as the “stranger” traveling to this place is her weekend routine because her family live here. Her husband  works as a Court clerk in Ilesha while she works and lives partly in Ibadan.


  1. Apart from Baba Agba mention three other people that lived in Alabata
  2. Justify the silence of Mope in the endless issues between her husband and their son and its effect on the family.
  3. Aremu disagreed and always challenged his father, putting yourself in his position, how would you manage such child?

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