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Literature In English

Prose text Analysis


Ezeofia by  Linda Okpara


The adventures of a man who desires greatness is often channeled to achieving his goals and realizing his dreams.

               The  Places

 Amasaa,    Uzoala,     Onuiyieke,     America,       Lagos


       AMASAA———– This place harboured the major events in the text.

Ezeofia, his family and friends lives in  this community, he has established here as his home town. He worked and retired here, he was so loved by the people that he was appointed for the revered Nze Na Oso title.

The people of Amasaa were allergic to change to rejected it until it was forced down their throat.

  1. UZOALA——– This is the place that is said to be Ezeofia’s original home town, where his fore- fathers migrated from iñto Amasaa but he has been accepted in Amasaa as a free born having lived for decades and impacted positively into the people.

   This place harbours the community river and only source of good water.

They worship the deity (goddess of the river) through the stream.

Ogbonne went to this place to fetch water from the stream on Eke market day which was a sacrilege, the defaulter must be severely published but the Prince intervened and the visit brought transformation to the land and the people.

  AMERICA——- Okechukwu fondly called Okey who was rusticated from the state university gained admission to study Medicine but he refused to go because he needed to stay back ànd pursue his Christian life.

      LAGOS—— this is another significant place.

Uche, Ogbonne’s suitor lives here, she went to visit him but ran back the next day because he almost raped her and opted for cancellation of the marriage plans.

Ndumele, Okechukwu’s uncle whom he was suppose to stay with before his flight to America was due also live in this city.


  1. With the story line so far, if you are from Amasaa would you still accommodate Ezeofia or ask him to return to his home town?
  2. Uche’s kins men came to take back the money they paid in preparation to marry Ogbonne, when they heard that she has joined the Christians. Do you think that action is right?

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