Consumer Protection

Everyone makes use of one item or another which must be bought. There is need to protect the right of the user. Reasons for consumer protection

1.To ensure quality

2.To provide a basis for redress

3.To provide information about the product.

4.To enable price determination through pack sizes.


1.Consumer Protection Council

2.Consumer Education Protection Council

3.Standard Organization of Nigeria

4.Nigeria Institute of standard

5.Rent Tribunal

6.Law Enforcement agency

Benefit of consumer protection

(a)It reveals the expiry date of the product.

(b)It shows the producer’s address

(c)It may outline the contents of the product

(d)It is used in electronic advertising

(e)It helps in arrangement of batches for control during period of product failure


1.Define a consumer

2.State 4 agencies that can protect a consumer

3.List 3 benefits of consumer protection

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