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Week nine topic- Historical Sites in Nigeria (Benin culture and civilization)

Location of Benin on the map of Nigeria

Benin City is a city found in Edo state. Benin is the capital of Edo state.

The Edo (Benin) Culture, Occupational Activities and Artifacts.

Benin was the center of the black arts and technology. Benin was famous for its farming and trading activities, being the gate way between the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Nigeria.

Ancient Benin people were militarily strong and seen as warriors. Their military strength resisted the well-armed British colonial army for almost two years before the British were able to defeat Oba ovenranwen Nogbaisi in 1897.

They were busy traders, technologists, art workers and very rich farmers.


Significance of the Benin Culture in Nigerian History

  1. The Benin culture was one of the starting points of the Nigerian history. It provides historians with objects and subjects of study.


  1. Benin culture proved that the Nigerian territory had been inhabited by people thousands of years before the coming of Europeans to Africa.


  1. Benin culture proved that Africa, like any other continent had a respected monarchic and centralized government that protected, directed and organized it’s society.


  1. Benin culture proved that she already handled or engaged in international relations, trade and inter-ethnic relationships which made it possible to relate with visiting Portuguese missionaries and later, the British colonial officials that finally defeated the kingdom.



  1. Write notes on King Leopold 11 of Belgium’s letter to colonial missionaries in 1831.


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