TRANSPORT BY PIPELINE: Transport by pipeline is a system of transporting gasses and liquid products from one place to another through the use of pipelines. Pipelines are constructed or laid underground as means of carrying water, gases and Petroleum products. In Nigeria, pipelines are constructed to transport crude oil from Warri to Kaduna refinery.

Advantages of Transport by Pipeline

(1). Low maintenance cost

(2). Continuous flow of goods

(3). Reduce the overcrowding of the road

(4). Safe

(5). Provide twenty- four hours services.

(6). It is very reliable.

TRANSPORT BY AIR: Transport by air is the system of moving goods and passengers through the air by airplanes, helicopters etc. Air transport is very fast and comfortable but it is expensive. Air transport has contributed greatly to commercial activities in international trade. Transportation by air is operated in the airport. Examples of airports in Nigeria are Kano and Lagos International airports. The various means of transportation by air are: planes, hovercrafts, helicopters, jets, rockets, etc.

Advantages of Air Transport

(1). It is very fast

(2). Suitable for perishable and fragile goods

(3). Comfortable and luxurious

(4). Suitable for long distances

(5). Moves on schedule

TRANSPORT BY WATER: Water transport is the means of conveying goods and people from one place to another through the rivers, seas or oceans by ships, canoes etc. This facilitates international trade between different nations because goods and passengers can be easily transferred.

The port authority is responsible for providing facilitates as well as management of the ports. Ships are very large and can carry heavy and bulky cargoes like cars, trailers and industrial machinery.

Types of Water Transport

(a). Inland water transport

(b). Sea Transport.

Advantages of Water Transport

(1). Suitable for bulky goods

(2). It is safe

(3). May be suitable for perishable goods

(4). It aids international trade

(5). Operate on schedule

(6). It is very cheap.


(1). Discuss t disadvantages of the following means of transportation:

(a). Water; (b).  Air (c). Pipeline

(2). Explain the following:

(a). Ocean liners

(b). Tramp liners

(c). Cargo liners

(d). Passengers liners.

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