The Reproductive System Of Male Domestic Fowl

It’s consists of two testes, epididymis, vas deferens, papilla, and cloaca.

Functions Of The Male Reproductive parts

  1. TESTES: They produce spermatozoa.
  2. EPIDIDYMIS: It stores spermatozoa for some time before it is used.
  3. VAS DEFERENS: It conducts spermatozoa from the epididymis to the papilla.
  4. PAPILLA: It is used to introduce spermatozoa into the vagina of the female bird.
  5. CLOACA: It is a pathway for spermatozoa and faeces expulsion.

The Reproductive System Of Female Domestic Fowl

It consists of an ovary, fallopian funnel (infundibulum), fallopian tube (oviduct), magnum, isthmus, uterus(shell gland), vagina, and cloaca.

Functions Of The Female Reproductive Parts Of Domestic Fowl

  1. OVARY: It secretes the eggs or ova and the yolk. Note: Female bird has only one ovary which is the left ovary. The right ovary degenerates very early in life at about 7 to 9 days of incubation. It degenerates leaving only for the left one.
  2. FALLOPIAN FUNNEL OR INFUNDIBULUM: It receives the eggs discharged by the ovary, which later moves down to the fallopian tube or oviduct.
  1. FALLOPIAN TUBE OR OVIDUCT: It is where fertilization takes place. Note: The process of fertilization is normally fast because, whether the egg is fertilized or unfertilized, it must move down to the magnum.
  2. MAGNUM: It is here that the egg albumen is deposited on the egg. Note: The albumen helps in providing food and protection to the embryo.
  3. 5. ISTHMUS: It is here that the two lighter shell membranes are deposited on the egg and the shape of the egg is formed here.
  4. UTERUS OR SHELL GLAND: It is here that the remaining parts of the egg are formed. The colour of the shell and the hard outer shell are formed here.
  5. VAGINA: It is a canal through which egg is laid.
  6. 8. CLOACA: It is the point from which the egg is laid out. It is also the point for egestion or removal of faeces.


List the reproductive  parts of mammals (male and female) eg, human being.

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