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Historical Sites in Nigeria

( Igbo Ukwu).


Location of Igbo Ukwu on the map of Nigeria

Igbo Ukwu is a popular town in Aguata LGA of Anambra state.  Igbo Ukwu is located some 40 kilometers south east of Onitsha.


The Igbo Ukwu Culture

The Igbo Ukwu archeological or historical discovery was due to a chance discovery, following the digging of well for water by one Mr Isaiah Anozie in 1938. He found a number of bronze objects while trying to make a water tank in his compound. On hearing this discovery, the federal department of antiquities (FDA) of the colonial government arranged for the digging of the site between 1959 and 1964 through Prof Thurston Shaw, who was asked to study the discovered objects .

Following this instructions, diggings were carried out in three compounds that were near each other.

They were the compounds of ;

  1. Isaiah Anozie
  2. Richard Anozie and
  3. Jonah Anozie.


The archeologist, Prof Thurston Shaw named the sites;

  1. Igbo Isaiah site
  2. Igbo Richard site
  3. Igbo Jonah site.


Occupational Activities of the Igbo Ukwu people

They were farmers, traders, smelters and arts technologists in pottery, bronze, copper and iron works.


Significance of Igbo Ukwu culture and civilization in the Nigerian history

  1. The excavations at Igbo Ukwu proved that the people had the same Egyptian ritual practice.
  2. It proved that the Igbos were among the early settlers in the present day Nigeria.
  3. It proved that the Igbos were rich in culture , religious beliefs and worship etc.
  4. Igbo-ukwa discoveries suggest a people that traded with their neighbors in salt, iron, copper, bronze and other commodities.
  5. The discoveries showed a culture that practiced slavery and slave trade even before the coming of the Europeans.



  1. State the objects that were discovered at the Igbo Isaiah site.
  2. Mention the objects that were discovered at the Igbo Richard site.
  3. List the objects that were discovered at the Igbo Jonah site.

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