All Saints Secondary School, Oyigbo, Rivers State.

English Language Department

Class :SS 2

Third Term’s Topics


1-Vocabulary Development: words associated with sports

 2-Comprehension on Stanley meets Mutesa (pages 140-141)

3-Writing for Communication :Letter Writing; formal letter

4-Vocabulary Development :Word Modifiers

5-Listening Comprehension on ‘if women go unclad, men will stop staring. (page-152)

6-Spoken English -Unstressed vowel sound

    b-Reading Comprehension on ‘Animals plan to overthrow man ‘(pages-162-163)

7-English Grammar-Phrasal Verbs with more than one particle

8-Spoken English :Speaking skills on arguments and debates

9-Reading Comprehension on ‘The unafraid lover’ on pages 176 and 177.

10-English Grammar :Complex Sentence Structure


Download Document Here: All Saints Sec school. SS 2 Englis 3rd term topics



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