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 Literature In English for Jss 1

 Drama Text Analysis

 Theme Analysis

The Welcome  Stranger by Onyinyechi Anikwata


  The sole aim of every reader at the beginning of a text is to gain exposure, more knowledge and academic satisfaction at the end of the work.

           The  Themes:

   ▪️ Theme of Ignorance

   ▪️ Greed

   ▪️ Honesty

   ▪️ Revolt


  IGNORANCE: The people of Umuigbo were blessed with rich natural resources(gold), unfortunately, they did not know the economical and financial value of what they had.

     They valued their gold, respected it because it was a symbol of their gods. They worshiped it and where ever it is found becomes a sacred ground because it proves that their gods are present there.

      This continued until the white man came, became interested, stole it from them, used of against them and walked away unpunished.

  GREED:   The people were uncivilized, primitive yet peaceful and enjoyed their high level of security.

    The white man came as a businessman, presented himself and his goods to the king and his canine members, gave them samples of his wares to taste( sugar which the people called chugar, matches, magi, bleaching cream, mirror, camera, radio etc) which he used to entice the Princess.

    Initially he picked gold all by himself, he went to the shrine for the same purpose but failed, he felt he was not getting enough to meet his target. He went to the king who promised to throw him out if he disrespect their gods the second time, he  tried the Princess who became his first convert then he went to Ochiaya who readily accepted and they struck a deal that was sealed with Ochiaya’s blood. Through Ochiaya the white man wreaked the people yet left their land with bags of their gold.

HONESTY:    Before the arrival of the white man, the people of Umuigbo had their peace to the extent that no man had a right to break into the house of another even during a fight, they left their property and wares outside while going about their daily business and nothing happens to them.

         The king was an exceptional being, he valued his people so much that he placed their interest and comfort above every other thing. He worked closely with the Chief priest for spiritual guaidian thus  remained at peace with the gods.

    He refused to tax or levy the people even when it was almost a tradition within their neighborhood, no wonder the people were angry with the gods when the king died mysteriously.

Theme of Revolt:   The king died, Ochiaya became king and the white man began to rule the land and the people.

        The late king refused that they would pay for space at the market square but Ochiaya placed a high price tag, they were mandated to pay tax, were made to suffer to earn a living in their father land. He formed tax force that adopted various means to collect the money.

He dismissed the cabinet members leaving only the white man as his adviser and counselor.

         The people waited for the gods to speak or at least the return of the Chief Priest who disappeared at the death of the king but when it seems to be taking ages, they decided to take their fate in their hands and liberate themselves.

           The amount they pay at the market was increased unduly, they matched to the  palace to demand explanations from the king fortunately, they met the Chief priest and elders on their way to the palace too.

The Chief priest told them how Ochiaya and the white man killed the king and in anger they matched in to avenge the death of their good king. Furiously, they went to get the duo to face the law but missed them narrowly.


  1. Mention three other themes in the text and explain them.

             2.  Identify three characters in the text and explain to her

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