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Literature In English for Jss 2

Ibi Puma  by Ogolo T. 

Theme Analysis


Let every man guard against greed for it kills faster than terminal diseases.

            The Themes


   ▪️ Adventure

   ▪️Hard Work


ADVENTURE: the people of Ogoweland stay back to develop their place because they have all that they would have sought for outside their land but Ibi chose to see other places, he traveled through different towns and villages until he met this oasis, it was a no man’s land and decided to settle there. He named the place “Puma”

     He had no regrets before the man of God came and his story changed for good but he took himself back to the beginning with his selfish request.

            The man of God is another tourist, he went from place to place preaching the word of God, thus that no body knew anything about him, not where he came from, where he sleeps, what he does, what his name was or anything at all about him.

HARD WORK:  In Ogoweland,  the people are hard working therefore lived comfortably.

   In Pumaland, everyman had a skill whose income took care of their daily needs and gave them their desired comfort.

        Ibi of Puma did not choose to farm or fish,  he preferred palmwine tapping which supplied wine for his bar and the remnant he sells to people this was before the coming of the man of God.

         These places are put in place to point out clearly that hard work  brings good life,  comfort, unity, peace, understanding, progress and other good things of life.

GREED:   Ibi Puma was fore-warned  by the man of God to embrace hospitality, love, affection, empathy  for the less privilege, he must do away with greed and selfishness to remain successful but he failed.

       The man of God dug the well that produced wonderful wine at the bar for the customers  who as well hear the words of God but Ibi Puma wanted to deny them that by bottling it and selling expensively to the rich who can afford it.

      He wanted more, he had the well for his customers yet wanted swine for his pigs. This provoked the man of God who walked away angrily and he lost everything, returned to square one.


     √ identify three more themes and explain them

   √ what other reasons do you think made Ibi of Puma to leave Ogoweland?

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