The passion of Jesus Christ refers to all the events that brought about the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. These events are ;the Triumphant entry, the Last Supper, the Betrayal and Arrest, the Trials and Denial, the Crucifixion, the Death and Burial of Jesus Christ.

UNIT:The Triumphant Entry

( matt21:1-11,mk 11:1–11 and Lk19:28-44)

The triumphant entry means entering into Jerusalem as a King. He wanted to show both His disciples and the general public that the time to demonstrate His victory over satan had come.

However, He did not want to show it in a proud way, hence the use of a donkey. Riding on an ass/donkey is a sign of humility and peace, whereas denotes pride and war.

On their journey to Jerusalem, Jesus and His disciples traveled through Samaria and entered Jericho. From there they came to Bethphage, a village on the slope of Mount of Olives which is close to Jerusalem.

At Bethphage, Jesus sent two of His disciples to Bethany to bring a colt of an ass/donkey which nobody had driven. He told the disciples ‘if anyone asked them why, they should answer that the Master had need of it’.

When the disciples brought the colt they spread their garments on the colt and helped Jesus to sit on it. As Jesus was riding on the road to Jerusalem, the people honoured Jesus by spreading their garments and palm leaves on the road and shouted Hosanna, Blessed is the Kingdom of our father David that is coming. Hosanna in the highest. However, some of the Pharisees among  the crowd told Jesus to silence the disciples but Jesus replied. I tell you, if these people were silent the very stones would cry out.

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