These are solar energy, mechanical,(made of potential and kinetic energy), heat, electrical,chemical,sound,light,magnetic and nuclear energy.

SOLAR ENERGY :This is energy from the sun, which gives out radiant energy producing light and heat. Solar panel cells convert solar energy to electrical energy. The sun is the primary source of energy which plants depend on for photosynthesis.

MECHANICAL ENERGY :  This energy possessed by a body due to its position or height.. It is divided into potential and kinetic energy.

CHEMICAL ENERGY : This is energy stored in substances like food, wood, coal,  petrol, kerosene, diesel. For instance, the burning of wood releases heat into the environment.

HEAT ENERGY : This is energy transferred between two bodies that have different temperature, as heat flows hotter objects to colder objects.

LIGHT ENERGY :  This can be produced by either natural and artificial sources. The sun releases light. Also bulbs, electric lamp releases light.

ASSIGNMENT : Explain briefly on the following :

  1. Electrical energy
  2. Sound energy
  3. Magnetic energy
  4. Nuclear energy

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